<aside> 📌 Legend: 📑 case-based class; 🛠️ project-based class


📑Entrepreneurial Strategy // Spring Term 2 // 3 credits

This course provides entrepreneurs with tools and information for evaluating opportunities and developing strategies for starting innovation-based ventures. The course is designed to address the needs of students who hope to pursue startup opportunities in the near future, prepare for entrepreneurial activities at later career stages, lead new ventures in established firms, or pursue careers where the ability to evaluate startups would be helpful (e.g., venture capital, mergers and acquisitions).

📑Entrepreneurial Execution // Spring Term 1 // 3 credits

The focus of this course is the creation and early execution of a new venture. The course concentrates on new enterprises based on innovations with potential for high growth and funding by venture capitalists. This course is for students who want to build competencies in planning and execution including building a team, early sales and marketing, forecasting, and financing growth. This course is a complement to the Entrepreneurial Strategy course.

📑Entrepreneurial Finance // Spring Term # // 3 credits

The course is designed to introduce students to the challenges and pitfalls of financing new enterprises, beginning with identifying opportunities, moving to marshaling resources to take advantage of these opportunities and executing the business plan, and ending with harvesting the venture’s success. If your venture will require outside funding to scale, then this course is a must.

🛠️New Venture Development // Fall Semester and Spring Semester // 3 credits

New Ventures Development is the ideal course for anyone who wants to learn how to build and assess new business models. New Ventures Develop isn’t just for founders. If you want the experience of designing a business model but don’t have your own idea, there will be an opportunity to form teams around ideas sourced from your peers across Duke. Meets one day per week over the course of the full semester (two terms).

🛠️Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP) x CEI // Spring Semester // 3 credits

Through the FCCP program, you can work with a team to tackle a strategically important question being faced by an early-stage startup. While the organizations and projects vary from year to year, there are always opportunities to consult with a startup venture.