While there is no single career path to land a coveted job in VC, there are steps you can take to increase your odds and prepare yourself to land an available opportunity.

The Fuqua Career Management Center (CMC) supports students interested in the venture capital industry. The point of contact for those interested in VC is either Josh Cohen or Jack Oakes.

VC job opps and salary data

John Gannon’s weekly newsletter and blog has a number of resources and links to VC job opportunities, including salary considerations. The Emerging Venture Capitalists Association’s 2022 Compensation Report is here. This is a pretty comprehensive VC salary database, though I don’t have any context on how it was collected so caveat emptor. Additionally, Accelerated has a good overview of the different opportunities within VC. Nicole De Tommaso has a great Twitter feed as well on demystifying breaking into VC.

This unnamed person has collected a bunch of resources, blogs, podcasts, and books for the VC job search all in one place.

Tips for landing a job in VC

Below are resources that you can use to get up to speed on recruiting for VC jobs, including how to think about interview prep:


Don't Break In to VC But Wait for the Best Opportunity for You

In order to attract the attention of VC funds, you’ll want to craft an investment thesis that articulates what unique insights you will bring to the firm. These blog posts by Earnest Sweat outline how to think about constructing your investment thesis.

An Aspiring VC's Guide to Building an Investment Thesis

Notes on a Thesis

Once you’ve landed the interview, here are some insights on how to prep:

Investment Memos for VC Interviews